good blog titles are hard to think of.
That diet thing was probably a virus or scammer thing so it's best not to go to it.

But why tho’?

I don’ need a shammed up diet or noth’n! welp. least that’s a lil’ less confus’n for me. I think. I’ll jus’ let my brain run up a roller toaster on that one. Thank ya’ again!

This diet actually works better than the other one. My brother lost 30lbs in a few weeks with it TumblrFastDiet(.)com

I just found this now, and…….???

How long ago was this? I’m sorry. but who? what?

Good lordy, there is some bee out there look’n for this here diet an’ It is on my thingy mc technology, hoo boy. Sombody confused. me. I’m confuse.

Since I did a thing on lady Aoba, I wanted to draw the full outfit, so here’s Aoba for ya’.
I wanted to include it as a bonus on the last pic, but I couldn’t, so…

Since I did a thing on lady Aoba, I wanted to draw the full outfit, so here’s Aoba for ya’.

I wanted to include it as a bonus on the last pic, but I couldn’t, so…

Hi,Hi I really am in love with your blog,I've actually never seen anything like this and your art is completely amazing,Can I make and request from you please,If you wont mind,Can I ask for Lady!Aoba with her boyfriends A.K.A Dick Squad,She's holding Ren (puppy),She like "How did I get surrounded by all these Men"!,This is a image I had in my head forever and I glad I found you cause I saw,Your amazing,gorgeous art,It's so great in every way possible just WOW,HOLY WOW~!!!!

But, seriously, people are so nice! thank you! (like, wow.)

hello, i love your art and if requests are still open could you draw a pikachu (ps i dont kno if u remember me but i was the girl who came to queen of wolves birthday party and sat next to you while they were sword fighting)

Bonus Raichu!

And yes, I remember you!

ok, Heads up, I’m like, not here every other Saturday…so, I just came back from the place I go, and next Saturday I’ll be here, but the Saturday after the Saturday(next Saturday) I won’t. and those same Friday’s I ,most likely, won’t be on, and if I am, only in the morning-afternoon.

I’m sorry if that made no sense.

Also, if requests are still open, could I possibly suggest Sei from DMMd? Sei is my favorite and I think they would be so adorable in your style.

can you draw sober gamzee? :3

FeElLiNg MoThErFuCkInG FINE tOdAy!

I'm sure you'll have quite a following soon because your style is just SO refreshing! Aww thanks though. You could absolutely call my icon a worm. He's my gluttonous baby. Oh my gosh though, thank you so much for the follow. My little blog is terrible but I'm happy you found it interesting enough to follow. Of course never be afraid to unfollow me too. (#/o\#)

I’ll stick around, I asure ya’.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I hate to ask but if you really are doing requests, is it possible we could see a Minkuri drawing? (Mink x Clear) Your Clears are so fucking cute and your Mink's are so grand. I really just want to see them holding hands, sharing a kiss, talking to each other, anything. Of course only if you want to! I don't want to sound like I'm pushing anything on you.

They’re playing doctor. with a potato. I’m sorry.

How is it that everything has so few notes? Your art is great and so colorful and expressive holy crap it's just so good. Everything is so wonderful. I can't really praise you enough. I can't wait to see more of your work in the future!

the notes? well, I guess I’m not very popular yet…

But holy wow thanks a lot! I really makes me feel happy to hear(read?) all’a this! You’re a sweet lil’ worm(that’s what your picture is right?), anyways, ya’ll be see’n much more a’ my pictures cause it be summer right here an’ now. I aint go’n no which way anytime soon anyway.

I’m going to follow you now(like, on tumblr), kay all right?

Do you take requests?

yes! I’d love for people to ask me!

go ahead don’t be shy. you’d be do’n me a kindness.

it gets lonely here.

All hail the mighty dick squad.

All hail the mighty dick squad.

I just wanted to draw some dorks in big, turtle-neck sweaters.